Floor Coatings
Based on
Reactive Resins

Silikal Reactive Resins and Polymer Concrete

Since 1951 Silikal has specialised in producing reactive resins for flooring and
building protection including methyl methacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane. In Australia, we are dedicated to
supplying rapid-curing methyl methacrylate resin tailored to meet the precise needs of skilled trade professionals
as well as construction and building protection companies, engineers, planners and architects.


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Floor Coatings with Reactive Resins from Silikal

Hygienic Floor Coating


Offering seamless and continuous surfaces, Silikal MMA floor coatings ensure optimal cleanliness. They prevent fungi and bacteria growth, with no crevices or holes for moisture and dirt penetration. Transitions to the wall can be made in sloping or coved form.

Fast Curing Floor Coating

Rapid Cure

Just 1-hour after installation, Silikal floors are ready for full traffic use, significantly reducing downtime, even in temperatures as low as -25 °C.

Secure Ground Under Your Feet


Tailored to floor surface requirements, our coatings range from smooth to highly slip-resistant. Various system variants are backed by certified test certificates.

Detailed Product Information

For several decades, Silikal has been a renowned producer of reactive resin floor coatings, including those based on MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), epoxy, and polyurethane. These high-quality products are trusted by specialist companies worldwide. For further details, please visit our product page.

Self-levelling MMA system with coloured quartz broadcast.

Reactive Resins and Polymer
Concrete from Silikal

Expect more from your floor.

Floor Coating

Floor Coating

Silikal has been manufacturing
reactive resins for floor coating
based on MMA, epoxy and
polyurethane for decades.



Silikal waterproofing systems provide
excellent protection and an attractive
finish for flat roofs, terraces, thresholds,
walls and much more.

Mortar systems

Mortar Systems / Polymer Concrete

Our R17 rapid cure mortar system, ideal for repairs that require polymer concrete, achieves high compressive and tensile strengths, surpassing those of normal concrete, all within less than an hour, enabling immediate full traffic access.

Road Marking

Road Marking

Silikal cold plastic resins for
high quality road markings.

Discover Silikal's Rapid Cure Flooring Systems

Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge MMA rapid cure flooring solutions, trusted in trade and industry for their resilience and versatility. Our reactive resin flooring systems are engineered to deliver outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal in diverse applications.

Silikal reactive resin flooring systems

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